• Breed inzetbaar bij de coordinatie van Verpakkings Artwork en druktechnische begeleiding (Design to Print)
  • Geeft workshops: Verpakkings Artwork Druktechnisch beoordelen / Druktechnieken / Duurzaam verpakken.
  • Consultant duurzaam verpakken (plastic reductie en recycling)


Email :
Tel : 06 5436 1080

  • Coordination and printtechnical support of Packaging Artwork (Processes) (Design to Print)
  • Workshops: Packaging Artwork Graphic Judgement / Print Processes / Sustsainable Packaging
  • Consultant Sustainable packaging (plastic reduction and recycling)


Email :
Phone : +31 (0)6 5436 1080


I Understand and do have knowledge and expertise of the entire packaging design process from Design to print. So very wide and flexible deployable in different packaging processes.

Graphic Design, Printing and Reprographics skills, combined with 20+ years of experience in managing designs and artwork of Consumer Goods companies for food and non-food Electronics). Also project management and organizational skills. Understands all the packaging printing technologies (prepress/offsett/gravure/flexo) and have lots of experience in the design to print process, artwork and reprographics area. Used different artwork management tools.

Knowledge of creating sustainable and recyclable packaging.


I am also organising tailor made workshops, One to one or for small groups on location.

  • Packaging Artwork Coordination and technical judgement

  • Color management

  • Printprocesses

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Packaging recycling


Brand & Color executed packaging projects for: Vrumona / Heineken / AH / C1000 / Ahold / Bouters Cheese / DA / Tom Tom / Etos / Pally Biscuits / Hakado / Carmine / Colored Waters / DSN (Nutricia Medical Devices / Danone), Cholicup, Brofetti, GetPact (Hema, AH), Engels&Partners (Ahold - Philips), Getpact (Partner in Pet Food), Lidl Nederland, etc.


Coordination Design to Print processes - Project Management (Print Production / Packaging design development ) - Artwork Coordination - Print Quality Assurance - Advise of packaging design, Workshops, Consultant Sustainable packaging.